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Enable your factory CCTV camera into Smart cameras and tap the fullest potential of your shop floor!

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Real cure to the Industrial pain points

SurveilLens.AI Production.AI
Ensure maximum possible effectiveness in your shop floor
SurveilLens.AI Procedure
Improve process compliance adherence(Poka-Yoke)
SurveilLens.AI Safety
Ensure workers remain safe and compliant with Health & Safety Policy


Safety incidents


Units of electricity
saved in foundrys


Average OEE improved
in metal finishing industries


Operating cycles corrected
in automotive assembly


Transforming the way
Factories operate
through AI

Turn your regular CCTV camera into a smart camera,
identify the anamolies at your place and
analyse them with our intuitive dashboard.
Drive your factory to Operational Excellence!

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Case Studies

Success stories from Top Industries

L&T implements SurveilLens.AI and sees 12% increment in OEE

Solution: Tracking Beams & Tanks to analyse process lifecycle

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  • Average cycle time has been brought close to ideal by 23%

  • Daily planned targets has been achieved close to 85%

  • Overall delay has been brought down by 36%

  • Quality rejects due to improper temperature has been reduced by 57%

How a Top Foundry in Andhra, India reduced their energy
consumption by 27% in furnace

Solution: Tracking furnace lifecycle activities and energy metrics

View in detail   

  • Average energy spent on preheating reduced by 13%

  • Average cycle time has been brought close to ideal by 37%

  • Furnace charging delay reduced by 16%

  • Average Furnace OEE increased by 7%

How Rane ensured zero safety incidents through SurveilLens.AI

Solution: PPE Compliance tracking with realtime address systems

View in detail   

  • PPE compliance violations brought down to 0% in 17 days

  • Zero safety incidents from day 1 of installation

  • People availability incremented by 16%

  • Safe and Productive environment

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Easy Steps to Power-up Your Factory With AI


Site Analysis

Analyse site & Install CCTV cameras in the ideal location


Model Training

48 hours feed for Custom AI Model training


On-premise installation

Install application in secure workstation on-site


Go-live & Reap Benefits

On-prem accuracy training through remote process


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Please reach out to info@surveillens.ai or call us +91 44 48554277. We will always be happy to give you a demo.

As soon as you start the business lifecycle process and onboard the necessary cameras, we take a maximum of 3-4 weeks of custom model training to deploy the model for you to leverage our product capabilities.

We notify the user via email, push notifications through mobile apps for camera offline alerts.

SurveilLens.AI comes with Robust API with which you can integrate your inhouse software modules.

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